a common language for holistic recoverya common language for holistic recovery
A revolutionary way to measure recovery textA revolutionary way to measure recovery text
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Sobriety is a flawed measure of success.
You’re either sober, or you’re not.
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Recovery as binary doesn’t represent the complete change and success someone experiences.
The Recovery Capital Index (RCI) goes beyond the binary to assess an individual’s progress based on multiple aspects of their everyday life.

The higher the level of recovery capital, the better chances they maintain success in recovery.
Welcome to the Recovery Capital Index!
Starting today and every 30 days forward, you will take the RCI, a series of questions that evaluate your recovery capital. There are no right and no wrong answers.
The full RCI takes less than 5 mins.
Click here to get started.
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Revolutionary awareness allows revolutionary care
By leveraging an SMS platform powered by Gloo, the scientifically-validated RCI assessment gives providers a fast and comprehensive way to gauge how recovery is progressing.
We believe that each of us are our own best observers of our wellbeing.

These scores represent a sampling of average baseline or first-time scores captured by RCI provider partners. Data represented in the visualizations below has been de-identified and aggregated according to provider type, completion dates, and available demographic data.
Total RCI ScorePersonal Capital Score
Social Capital ScoreCultural Capital Score
Engage clients like never before with measurement based care
The RCI plus text messaging allows providers a broader view of an individual’s life. No more guesses or assumptions. Interact with true data-informed decision making.
Your recovery capital is growing! Great work!
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Thanks. But it doesn't feel like things are changing though.
Your social capital is up 12 points. Relationships are important and you are creating new, meaningful connections.
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You're right. I appreciate the reminder!

Tracking Progress

Using the RCI, providers can see how individuals are improving their lives through a variety of lenses.

Building Resilience

The individual on this path is building resilience which enables them to handle setbacks in a more productive way and bounce back faster.

Widespread Impact

The standardized measures of the RCI give us a common language to share across a variety of demographics, providers, and locations. Explore the impact of the RCI across these groups using the controls below.
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Total RCI
Total RCI
Learn more about adopting
the Recovery Capital Index
Learn more about adopting the Recovery Capital Index
To take the RCI, text RCI to 833 280 3781
To take the RCI,
text RCI to 833 280 3781